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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Bizogy® pronounced?

Bizogy® is pronounced BIZ–UH–JEE.

I see a started profile for my company on Bizogy® but I don't know/remember my password,
what should I do?

Every Bizogy® profile has an email address and password associated with it. If you don’t know or can’t remember your password, start by entering your email and clicking the “reset password” option. This will send an updated password to the email address on record. If this does not work it is possible that the email address associated with your account is incorrect. Please contact Bizogy® support using the Contact Us form and our helpful staff will assist you in verifying and correcting the email address. After signing in to your profile, you can change your password at the bottom of the "Settings" tab.

What is Bizogy®?

Bizogy® is where businesses and consumers connect.  Businesses, professionals, and consumers use Bizogy® to recommend businesses and professionals they like and trust.  Through Bizogy®, users quickly and easily search their own Network of trusted businesses, and the Networks of those businesses, consumers and professionals they are connected with.  Users gather relevant online information about each business and professional through Social Media links, and stay updated by following posts from those in their Business and Consumer Networks.

Who's in My Expanded Network?

Your Expanded Network includes everyone that you’ve included in your Bizogy® Business or Consumer Networks, and each person or company those in your Networks have recommended. We all want to do business with people we can trust. By expanding your Networks to include those you trust and having your friends include you in their Bizogy® Networks, you can all support the same quality businesses and people. It’s an instant recommendation from the people you know and trust.

How do I upgrade my profile to a brighter color and font?

The basic account is free, and new users are allowed to list 5 strengths. If you load a profile picture and/or company logo, your listing changes to the "Bronze Account" with a new color and with slightly larger font. If you have 5 referrals or recommendations, you will be upgraded to the "Silver Account" level with a gray background. If you have a total of 15 referrals/recommendations, you will be upgraded to the "Gold Account," your profile will have a yellow background with bold font, and you will be able to list up to 10 strengths. If you have a total of 30 referrals/recommendations, you will be upgraded to the "Platinum Account" with a blue listing and bold font.

I represent an existing Referral Network or large group that needs to be entered together in Bizogy – Is there a simple way to do that?

If you represent an existing Referral Network or other large group and would like your group members to all be automatically included as referrals associated with your group profile, please Contact Us through the Bizogy site. Our marketing team can work with you to get the right information and forms to you so that those entries can be made more quickly and easily - and so that they can each automatically receive recommendations from your group’s profile and be acknowledged part of your Business Referral Network.

Who should be in my Business Referral Network?

A business referral network can be a formal network with a group of businesses or individuals who have formally agreed to actively refer work to each other, or an informal network of those companies and individuals you think do a great job or provide a unique service. To maximize the benefit you receive from your Business Referral Network, it should be broad based and include not only those companies you work with regularly, but also companies that you trust who you think have customers who could use your products or services. If the companies will recommend your business as well, it further increases the marketing value of your network.

How is Bizogy® different from Linked-In?

Linked-In is a professional network where professionals can connect with people they know to share ideas. Bizogy® is a business referral network where companies can connect with business service providers they can trust to increase their marketing exposure. Linked-In is focused on professional attainment and professional contact. Bizogy® is focused on marketing and connecting for the purpose of increasing business success. Full Linked-In searches are limited to members. The public has full access to the Bizogy® network of Business Referral Networks for searches and comparison, and the profile pages have been search engine optimized to make each profile easier to find through Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

What does Bizogy® do with the email addresses?

Bizogy® only uses the email addresses internally for business relating to the site. We do not sell, lease or otherwise share the email addresses with anyone. Every account has the ability to turn off all email contact through the site.