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Get the Most Out of Your Bizogy® Listing


Bizogy® search results display, by default, in order of the popularity of each listing based on visits to the listing and its recently added Referrals and Recommendations. Following these five suggestions will help you maximize your visibility in Bizogy®:


  • BUSINESS REFERRAL NETWORK – Actively update your Business Referral Network with new business referral partners you trust. A strong and balanced business referral network of trusted companies in fields related to yours and that your customers would need suggests experience and the ability to succeed in filling business needs. Find creative and innovative companies that can help you succeed in your business ventures. Associating yourself in Bizogy® with companies you trust not only increases your Bizogy® search rankings and public image, it improves your business relationships with that referral network and can help your innovation succeed.
  • RECOMMENDATIONS – Seek recommendations from others. Inclusion in the Business Referral Network of others by receiving Recommendations from other businesses that have worked with you before shows a successful track record of helping those businesses solve their problems and tells the public that other reputable companies trust you to help them succeed. By emphasizing the creative and innovative approaches your company takes and how you can help others create and innovate to help them succeed, your recommendations can increase.  When potential business partners search Bizogy® looking for new business referrals, favorable recommendations associated with your listing not only increases your Bizogy® search rankings, it gives your company the competitive, trustworthy image it needs.
  • STRENGTHS – Show why you are unique with a solid list of your business strengths. The business world is desperate to find the best company to meet their business needs. Companies understand that creativity and innovation are one of the three primary requirements for business success.  If you tell the world what your strengths are, companies seeking those strengths will contact you to learn more. The more your business referral network knows about your business and comes to rely on your creative approaches to solving their problems, the more they can use your strengths themselves, and help their own referral network and customers find you. More of your company’s strengths listed on your profile means more ways for companies to find you.
  • VISITS – Encourage your Business Referral Network to visit your listing on Bizogy™. Increasing the visitors to your Bizogy™ listing increases your popularity on Bizogy™ so companies searching for a business referral with your Strengths can find you easier. Requesting Recommendations from companies you do business with, telling others about your Bizogy™ listing, and including links on your web site to your Bizogy™ page will increase the number of visitors to your Bizogy™ listing to further increase its popularity.
  • UPGRADE – Upgrade your Bizogy® account and learn what more Bizogy® has to offer. Although a Bizogy® profile and Upgrades are FREE for you and your Business Referral Network, you can make your profile even easier to find by upgrading your Bizogy® account.  As you find more innovative and creative companies to add to your Business Referral Network, your account will be automatically upgraded. An upgraded profile can be associated with more categories and strengths, and displays in search results with a brighter background and a larger, bold font. The upgrade itself does not change the search results ranking but makes it easier to find. Statistics reports are also available for upgraded profiles to track the success of your profile.


The value of your company’s Bizogy™ profile is its ability to match you with creative and innovative companies searching for your business strengths. The easier it is for companies who are searching for your Business Strengths to find you and understand your company, the more chance you have of getting the right kind of business for you. The World is full of companies searching for Business Referrals and Resources with your specific strengths and experience. Make sure they find you!

Strengthening Business Relationships
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